Where to park when visiting Stourbridge Town Hall

There are a number of car parks around Stourbridge, including the Tesco car park. There is usually a 2 hour parking limit on Tesco’s car park. However Tesco have very kindly made arrangements for members of the public visiting The Town Hall for the purposes of seeing an EVENING performance by Stourbridge Theatre Company, to park for the duration of the performance. In order to park in the evening  for longer than the permitted 2 hours it is ESSENTIAL that the driver of each car visits the customer services desk, just inside Tesco and  gives their car registration number BEFORE ENTERING THE AUDITORIUM. Stourbridge Theatre Company cannot accept any responsibility for cars parked in the Tesco car park.  This arrangement is not available for matinee performances. Failure to ensure that your registration number is  recorded by Tesco staff may incur a £70 parking fine if you exceed the permitted parking period of 2 hours. There are a number of other car parks in Stourbridge, indicated on the map  Most on street parking is limited to 1 hour from 8.00 am until 6 pm, every day except Sunday.  

Parking in Stourbridge.webp