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Visiting Stourbridge Town Hall

Tesco Parking Rules

There are a number of car parks around Stourbridge, some with time limitations which may mean that their use to attend events at the Stourbridge Town Hall is not possible.

Limited public parking is available on many surrounding streets, including High Street, Market Street and Lower High Street, these, along with most other streets within the ring Road are restricted to one hour (and return prohibited with 2 hours) between 8.00am and 6.00pm (effectively 5.00pm) Monday to Saturday. But on street parking is unlimited after 5.00pm every day On street parking is not limited on Sundays.

You can park in Tesco for up to 4 hours for free but ONLY between the hours of 6.00pm and 11.00pm at all other times parking is restricted to ONLY 2 hours. There are cameras on the entrance and exit and you may well incur a parking charge of £70 if you exceed these times. There is no need to report to the customer services desk.

The 90 space Church Street car park at the top of the High Street near Hagley Road has long stay capacity. In addition, the 52 space top level of Birmingham Street car park, which has Safer Parking accreditation, also has long stay spaces available. Both Church Street and Birmingham Street car parks are open 24/7.

You may incur a £70 Parking Charge if you exceed these hours

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